After six rounds of Fortnite action in Manhattan Beach, California, Gankstars Ceice and RBK Elevate walked away with the Victory Royale at WSOE 3.

There were 400 players who fought for one of the 50 open spots on December 27, and only 25 duos walked away with a chance to win their piece of $100,000.

WSOE invited 25 professional teams like OpTic Gaming, Ghost Gaming, Team SoloMid, NRG Esports, and more to play against the play-in qualifier duos.


The first game seemed to play out normally until the announcers bought up an angle that showed TSM Myth and TSM Kaysid boosting across the map with a quad crasher.

Myth went to land the vehicle until the game seemed to experience a bug and rewarded him with what he is unfortunately notorious for – Fall damage.

Epic also added in Boomboxes with the second Holiday update, which put players at a disadvantage.

Just like in Winter Royale with the Infinity Blade, players were pushed up against the wall as there was another brand new item to learn.

Psalm popped off during the Winter Royale while showing off his Infinity Blade skills, and he showed up again during WSOE 3 with Rhux.

Players tended to wait until the seventh or eighth circle to use the Boom Box, and it proved to be effective for Psalm and Rhux.

After six rounds of Fortnite action, it was Gankstars Ceice and RBK (Raised By Kings) Elevate who walked away with the Victory Royale and $40,000.

Ceice and Elevate were able to grab second place back to back during the second half of the tournament, which helped boost them to the top.

Both of the men were able to hold on to their lead with a top ten finish during game six to cement the tournament win.

Check out the top ten placings below and congrats to Ceice and Elevate!

  1. Ceice & Elevate: 610 points
  2. Saf & Zayt: 590 points
  3. Lamar & Morgausse: 540 points
  4. Psalm & Rhux: 520 points
  5. Animal & Rieo: 510 points
  6. Bizzle & Dmo: 480 points
  7. JDW & Ronin: 470 points
  8. ADZ & Robi: 460 points
  9. Jaomock & Tennpo: 440 points
  10. Snood & Thwifo: 430 points
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