It looks like you’ll be able to share the love with a partner in the upcoming ‘Share the Love’ series.

The placement matches for Fortnite’s ‘Share the Love’ competitive series begin tomorrow, February 9 and over the weekend players will be placed into four divisions.

These divisions are split into the following:

  • Open Division
  • Prospect Division
  • Contender Division
  • Champion Division

Epic Games didn’t specify much more other than that but a leak has shown this tournament will allow for both solos and duos.

FireMonkey, a well-known Fortnite leaker, released two images on Twitter that show the two separate screens for each playlist.

If true, this is good for players who always have a friend to play with as they can now compete together.

At the moment, this information is from a leak so it with a grain of salt.

There hasn’t been a prize pool listed for this event, and it’s unclear if there will even be one.

Epic Games has been using tournaments like this as a way to get selected in future events so this is still something worth competing in even if there isn’t any money up for grabs.

Are you ready for the ‘Share the Love’ series? Let us know in the comments.

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