The Shadow Bomb item became available to players with the v8.51 content update, but it seems Epic’s testing team has severely messed up. A glitch is wrecking havoc in Duos and Squads.

Some Fortnite glitches are simply fun or annoying, but every once in a while…something game-breaking arrives. The Shadow Bomb has brought with it a bug that can only be described as catastrophic.

Epic Games is generally very good at quick bug fixes, but the even their quick turn-around time may not be quick enough here. This bug will inevitably allow many players to get a lot of free wins.

Perma Invisibility Shadow Bomb Bug

Within hours of the Shadow Bomb releasing, players have discovered a devastating new bug with the item. Even by accident, players can become permanently invisible in Duo and Squads game modes.

This presents obvious problems for the game’s integrity as well as for stats like wins, kills, and more.

Competitive Fortnite player @humanilliance posted a clip of the bug on Twitter. The bug is quite simple and will probably happen by accident to many players. This makes it even more of an issue.

The only thing that needs to happen for the glitch to activate is a teammate getting knocked while invisible. That’s it. You can then revive the teammate and they will become permanently invisible. The invisible player will take fall damage normally.

This bug essentially allows players to completely break the game in Duos and Squads. How this slipped through testing at Epic Games is a mystery that may never be solved.

The glitch is significant enough that Epic Games may take serious action against players that use the glitch. Bug exploiting of this magnitude can result timed bans or even permanent bans from Fortnite.

This is Epic’s latest tweet from the official Fortnite account…:

We strongly advise against using this glitch and reporting any players you see using the bug on purpose for wins/kills. Exploiting ruins the game for all players involved.

Fortnite World Cup Duo Weekend Looms

Fortnite World Cup
Imagine if this glitch was still active during the World Cup… – via Epic Games

The second weekend of the Duos side of the Fortnite World Cup looms overhead as this glitch tears through Fortnite.

Epic Games has not put out any statement on the bug as of yet, but we expect that they will soon enough. The World Cup event replays can be reviewed for possible cheaters, but Epic Games has been reluctant to retroactively punish cheaters.

If this glitch remains in the game for an extended period of time, the integrity of the World Cup will be further degraded. Hacking scandals have already rocked the esports scene and continued lack of competitive feature support is antagonizing competitive players.

We hope that Epic Games will be able to fix this glitch as soon as possible. A more drastic, ‘temporary item deletion’ may be required. An apology may be in order as well.

Have you run into this bug yet? Tell us about your Shadow Bomb experiences in the comments or on Twitter.