A brand-new glitch has been uncovered that allows Fortnite players to enter a ‘God Mode’ where they become unkillable – and its all thanks to the BRUTE Mechs.

Ever since being added at the start of Fortnite Season X, the BRUTE has proven to be one of the most controversial additions in the battle royale’s brief history. Players have spoken out about it, started a campaign to see them removed, and even switched up to play other games – yet, Epic Games have only nerfed them a little so far, and they’re still pretty powerful.

They’re so powerful in fact, that a brand new exploit has been discovered that lets players become invincible while in the Mech, allowing them to even survive the direct impact of a Junk Rift item.

Epic Games
Image: Epic Games

The issue was pointed out by YouTuber OrangeGuy, who showed that players can attack a brute with two Junk Rift item, hop into the vehicle, perform a stomp, and then get hit by the falling debris without taking damage. 

To prove that it wasn’t a one-time deal, the YouTuber even took direct impact shots from two other BRUTE Mechs and didn’t even flinch. They even jumped into a gunfight with an opposing team and laughed off their shots – all while the BRUTEs were able to pick up some eliminations of their own.

Now, of course, an exploit like this presents serious problems for a battle royale as players can quite easily head to the final stages of the game and just wait until somebody else dies – giving them a free victory royale. 

Whether or not Epic has been made aware of this problem yet is unknown, however, it probably won’t take too long for them to rectify the issue and get everyone back on the same playing field.

Who knows, this might even be the straw that breaks their back and prompts a complete vaulting of the BRUTE Mechs. We’ll just have to wait and see.