Update 2:

According to a Samsung Support Representative, the Galaxy Skin will be “available for everyone” after the Galaxy S9 and Tab S4 promotion ends.

Update 1:

According to recently discovered information via the Fortnite Catalog API, the Galaxy skin may be included in a Starter Pack, rather than exclusive to Samsung device users.


The recently data-mined Galaxy cosmetic skin for Fortnite Battle Royale may actually not be making an appearance in the Item Shop – but could possibly be a part of the leaked Fortnite Gaming Package users who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 receive along with 15,000 vbucks.

Source: StormShield.One

Fortnite Database site StormShield.One posted a list of all the cosmetics added in Patch v5.20, including the Galaxy skin. However, it does not have an “Item Shop” variable attached to it.

When asked if it was a mistake, they confirmed that it was deliberate – so this could be further confirmation. Also, the name of the cosmetic makes it quite obvious.

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