There seem to be countless ways to use a Bouncer to your advantage. A new strategy posted to Reddit shows how you can use the Bouncer and a Shockwave to get ultimate high-ground with only a few steps.

Fortnite players are always coming up with new strategies and creative ways to use items to gain an advantage. The Bouncer, in particular, seems to be a centerpiece of a lot of these strategies.


We’ve already covered how you can use a bouncer to break into a box, as well as an easy-to-master Bouncer/Launchpad trick to get more distance in the air. This is far from the only way to use the Bouncer, however, as players continue to discover creative strategies in Fortnite.

This method gives you ultimate high-ground in a second, provided you have a Bouncer and a Shockwave in your inventory. Place your bouncer on a ramp, throw your shockwave, walk into the bouncer and see watch high you can go.

Upon first glance, I was a bit worried that the Boncer’s effect may limit your ability to break through structures but it doesn’t. I gave it a test in Creative Mode and it worked like a charm.

With this method, you can easily grab high-ground from any distance. You’ll be able to build soon after you leave the ground, and can continue your high-ground retake from there if need be.

Bouncers might be the most versatile item in Fortnite, which is why so many people requested that Epic take them out of the vault. You can use them to rotate, quickly build up to high-ground, or combine them with Launchpads and Shockwaves for even more height.

Fortnite Bouncers

Be careful when using this method, though. I tested this a few times, and you have to get the placement exactly right to go straight up in the air. More often than not, I was shooting out one of the sides. That’s fine if you’re using this method during a middle circle, but could spell your death if the storm is close by. 

I had to practice this a couple of times before I got it right, but it’s relatively easy to master. It’s probably a good idea to take a few swings in Creative Mode so you don’t bust through your ramp with the Shockwave in a live match.

Other than that, have fun and take some high ground!

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