If you are confused on what exactly is going on with Fortnite Battle Royale’s excavation sites and mystical runes, we have compiled an entire timeline of what events have occurred.

There are only about two weeks left in Season 8, and an in-game event has been underway which could be rolling out the red carpet for Season 9.

Excavation sites began appearing around the map with construction revealing different items beneath the depths.

Runes have begun appearing at different sites, and we believe that once all they have arrived, a huge in-game event will take place.

Here is the entire timeline for Fortnite Battle Royale’s Excavation and Rune appearances:

Excavation Site 1 – Paradise Palms

On March 28, the first excavation site arrived near Paradise Palms in the desert biome.

Players could interact with the rocks, which had 500 million health.

Once the rocks were cleared, a volcano vent and dinosaur bones were revealed at the bottom.

Excavation Site 2 – Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot was the location for the second excavation site, with construction vehicles digging right into the heart of where the meteor landed during Season 4. Construction began here on April 2.

Once construction completed, players could interact with the rocks again in order to reveal what was beneath.

Unfortunately, after the last rock was destroyed, the newly dug hole was filled with lava.

Excavation Site 3 – Nearby Loot Lake

Another site was soon revealed to be near Loot Lake. On April 7, construction vehicles arrived and excavation soon followed.

A few minutes later, thanks to the community’s help to quickly demolish the rocks, Loot Lake’s dig site revealed a huge metal door that echos when hit with a pickaxe.

Excavation Site 4 – Loot Lake

The last of the excavation vehicles arrived at the heart of Loot Lake on April 12, which was the last resting place for Kevin the Cube.

On April 15, the vehicles soon surrounded the center of Loot Lake.

Soon, on April 17, Loot Lake’s center was uncovered to reveal a huge metal plate.

Around this time, things start to get a little weird as mystical floating runes began to appear randomly around the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

On April 18, one of the metallic structures on Loot Lake’s metal plate began to show a holographic image displaying an alien-like symbol, which we soon saw began displaying across different runes.

Floating Rune Pedestal 1 – Fatal Fields

On April 19, the first pedestal appeared floating near Fatal Fields.

Once players dealt 100 million damage to the pedestal, it would transport the rune to Loot Lake.

Floating Rune Pedestal 2 – Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts also saw the appearance of another pedestal carrying a rune on April 19.

Floating Rune Pedestal 3 – Loot Lake

April 22 saw the appearance of a new rune above Loot Lake, however, this one did not take player damage.

However, three laser machines appeared around the map, which appeared to be pointed at the floating rune pedestals.

Players could not deal damage to the laser machines, but they could hit them in order to change the direction the laser is pointing.

A day later on April 23, the second rune was activated above Loot Lake, where it dropped into place within the metallic structure on the metal plate.

As well, the volcano near the jungle expedition outpost began to spew black smoke.

We will keep this article updated with any and all new information regarding the mysterious runes, and the possible arrival of new excavation sites.

Thanks to FortniteMaster, FNBR, and iScenario for the pictures and videos!

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