The Slipstream is a new form of mobility in Fortnite’s Season 9. Players can quickly travel on preset routes by ‘flying’ inside pneumatic airways.

Season 9 of Fortnite is all about the future. All of the Battle Pass skins are styled in cyberpunk clothes and suits. All the new locations feature futuristic tech. Even the main menu has gotten an upgrade for the season.

While many of the mobility options from Season 8 still inhabit the world, new futuristic forms of travel have been added.

Slipstreams – Travel in Futuristic Style

Pneumatic slipstreams have appeared at certain locations on the Fortnite map. These new mobility structures are series of connected loops which have a constant blow of high speed, high pressure air flowing through them.

The idea is actually based on futurist plans for faster and cheaper modes of travel in the real world. Of course, the Fortnite versions are heavily modified and stylized.

The Slipstreams allow you to travel from location to location on the track quickly by ‘flying’ or riding the flow of air. You can also jump out at any time. This will cause you to pull out your glider.

Here’s a video showing what the Slipstream movement system looks like:

So, where are these Slipstreams located? Well, there are three Slipstream loops on the Fortnite map. One goes around Neo Tilted, another goes around Mega Mall, and a huge ring can take you around Loot Lake, Salty Springs, and Fatal Fields.

You can see the loops as light white curvy lines on the Fortnite map, but they can difficult to see with the contrast. We’ve drawn red outlines on top of the Slipstream loops to help you see the massive area that they can cover.

Along with the ability to use them as launch pads (you fly out quickly when the angle is right), Slipstreams are going to play a huge role in Season 9.

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