Are you looking to ride a zipline? Here are all the places you can do that in Fortnite.

Ziplines in Fortnite provide players with an excellent mobility option and allows them to save some materials as they zip across the map.

Althought Ziplines aren’t the newest addition to Fortnite, they are still new enough for players to not know all the spawn locations for them.

Riding Ziplines can sometimes be required for challenges so it might be important for players to know where they spawn.

With a recent update, players now have a command prompt for riding a Zipline which means the accidental deaths have been put to a stop.

Ziplines used to be ridden just by jumping into them and that created a lot of chaotic experiences.

The above map, from, shows all of the locations players can find Ziplines at.

As you can see, the Ziplines tend to appear near the corners of the map and not really towards the center.

Many of the tall mountain peaks offer a Zipline as a way to get up and down the mountain so players are able to save their materials.

Has a Zipline ever saved your life? Share your Zipline stories in the comments below.

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