Season 8 added a lot of new mobility options to Fortnite. Epic Games has been keen to add new ways to rotate and explore the map in recent seasons.

Season 8’s additions include the ‘The Baller’ vehicle, the Volcano vents, and the newly located ziplines due to map changes brought by the new season. Knowing the locations of each of these can lead to easier wins and faster map movements.

For those that have yet to play Season 8 or perhaps have taken an even longer break from Fortnite, here’s a brief description of each of the movement additions.

Ziplines have already been in the game for some time. They give players an quick option to zipline between two set points on the maps. There are many located throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Volcano vents are completely new to Season 8. Players can step into a natural vent of hot air bursting from the ground to take flight into the air. The height is quite significant and can carry you for a long distance with proper timing.

A Volcano vent – via TwinGalaxies

‘The Baller’ is a new “hamster-ball” vehicle which can attach to objects and run other players over. It moves quickly, has a boost function, and uses slingshot mechanics to pick up additional speed. Epic Games recently disabled the Baller due to stability issues.

So, the cheat sheet. The map once was again created by popular Fortnite community member @squatingdog. Squatingdog creates weekly cheat sheets for Fortnite Season 8 challenges. Be sure to follow him for his daily content.

Map of Mobility changes in Season 8 – via @squatingdog

As the map shows, Volcano Vents are primarily found around the Volcano (huge surprise, right?). However, a few can be found outside Salty Springs and another is located to the west of the racetrack. These might suggest something about future map changes.

The snow covered area of the map remains the primary location for Ziplines. Sunny Steps and the surrounding areas also features a high concentrations of mobility options.

The Baller vehicles can be found at Expedition Sites all around the map. These are found most commonly in the southwest and northeast, but a few are scattered elsewhere. Once the vehicle re-enabled, we suggest these balling new additions to be your main focus.

The vehicle lets you rotate quickly around the map and avoid almost any fight.

We hope this map helps you find and track all the mobility changes in Season 8. Be sure to plug in @squatingdog’s Creator Code “SQUATINGDOG” in-game to support his work.

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