Professional Fortnite esports’ greatest event, the World Cup Finals, has finally arrived as of July 26.

Competitive Fortnite has been revving up into a full sprint over the last year with the Qualifiers and Skirmishes. As the most exciting finale in gaming history begins, we’ve got all the details you’ll need to follow along.

As if the event’s esports lineup wasn’t enough to bring in every fan of Fortnite, a new Pro-Am event also takes place during the Finals. We’re so excited that we can barely write straight, so let’s get into the Finals schedule, Pro-Am info, how to watch, and more.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Full Schedule

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup Finals arrive July 26!

Epic Games released a comprehensive schedule for the entire Fortnite World Cup Finals event prior to the event. The schedule gives times for stream starts, fan festival openings, arena closings, and more.

Moving onto the Finals schedule, the Finals will be played over three days from July 26 through July 28. The location is the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City.

With the event being so massive, you’ll want to pick and choose your favorite events to watch unless you’ve got a lot of free time. The weekend begins with the Creative Finals and Pro-Am.

Fortnite World Cup Schedule

Friday, July 26Complete

Doors open to the on-site Fan Festival at 9:30 AM EST with the Stadium opening at 11:00 AM EST. The Creative Finals & Pro-Am schedule is as follows:

  • Creative Finals – Preshow Begins – 12:30 PM EST
  • Creative Finals – Games Begin – 1:00 PM EST
  • Celebrity Pro-Am – Show Starts – 5:20 PM EST

Once the Pro-Am is done and dusted, the day’s streams will wind down and Epic will prepare for the Duo Finals on Saturday.

Saturday, July 27 – Complete

Epic’s Fan Festival continues at 9:30 AM EST with the Duo Finals beginning three hours later.

  • Duos Finals – Preshow Begins – 12:30 PM EST
  • Duos Finals – Games Begin – 1:00 PM EST
  • Duos Finals – Winners’ Ceremony – 4:45 PM EST

Sunday, July 28

As with Saturday, the Fan Festival opens its doors at 9:30 AM EST with the Solos Finals starting three hours later.

  • Solos Finals – Preshow Begins – 12:30 PM EST
  • Solos Finals – Games Begin – 1:00 PM EST
  • Solos Finals – Winners’ Ceremony – 4:45 PM EST

How to watch the Fortnite World Cups Finals

The event can be streamed via the official Fortnite stream. Epic has also confirmed that players will be able to view multiple player perspectives live through the Fortnite client.

Watch live video from Fortnite on

In patch v9.41, Epic also introduced a unique ‘Picture-in-Picture’ streaming option that allows you to play Fortnite and watch the Finals at the same time.

You can also watch the event from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

You’ll even be able to watch “live-replays” of the events through the in-game ‘Compete’ tab. These live-replays essentially allow you to spectate the games as they are going on and control the spectator action yourself!

Teams & Players participating in the Finals

Who’s competing in the Finals?

Two hundred professional Fortnite players will be going head-to-head in the Solos and Duos Finals. The players alone could fill up a decently sized arena when you take in the Pro-Am and Creative Finals competitors.

We’ve compiled lists of all the qualified players and teams in dedicated hubs as the lists can get quite overwhelming. Check them out once you get a chance to see who is competing.

We’ve also made a breakdown of esports organizations which have the most players currently qualified. Some have definitely faired better than the rest with 3 or even 4 players in the competition.

The Pro-Am has its own pool of players and features a mix of pros and celebrities. Epic announced these players in wave prior to the event, similar to the Summer Block Party. The players will compete for shares for charity money.

Finally, the Creative Finals features eight teams of four. Each team has received a unique name and color to designate them during the event. Each team will led by a ‘Captain’ who chose the other three via a series of Trials earlier in the year.

Fortnite World Cup Final Results

Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Results

Final results for the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals

Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am Results

Final results for the Fortnite World Cup Pro-AM

Fortnite World Cup Duos Finals Results

Fortnite World Cup Solos Results

TBD – Stream for event starts at 12:30PM EST – July 28

Epic Games obviously wants to hit home with this gigantic event. Top-tier esports, Creative action, and tons of celebrities…what more can you ask for?

We’re sure you can feel this growing enthusiasm. We might also see some announcements about Season 10 and beyond. Be sure to follow along all weekend to stay up-to-date.