The fifth Loot Lake rune activation has turned into a much larger event than we initially anticipated. This hub will serve as a center for all Volcano Event and Loot Lake Runes information.

It turns out that Epic Games has decided to turn up the heat in Fortnite. On May 1st, we thought that the last simple Fortnite Rune activation event would occur, but Epic has had much more in store.

The day’s event have been quite hectic, so we’ve decided to collect all relevant information into this hub article. Here you will find all current information and links for the Fortnite Volcano Event and Rune activation events.

Fifth Rune Activation Event

The other rune activation events have been fairly straightforward ordeals. Players have worked together towards a single objective and then the rune has been placed into its spot at Loot Lake.

We thought the fifth one would be the same, but Epic had plans for something bigger. We still don’t quite know everything about the current events in Fortnite.

The fifth Rune was originally activated by players through throwing materials into the Volcano. The rune descended into the Volcano and then appeared to lock in at Loot Lake.

Image of all five Runes locked in

After that, a mysterious duplicate of the rune appeared near Salty Springs. It sits near a large oak tree to the west of the Salty. The rune appears to be completely static and cannot be interacted with in any way.

This one has a mind of its own!

Shortly, thereafter the fifth rune at Loot Lake unlocked itself from the Vault. The signature orange symbol lit up once again over its body.

The rune at Salty Springs can be seen glowing when you are gliding in the air above the map. It’s a slightly, defused glow that penetrates the tree. We do not believe that there is any possible way that this weird series of a events is ‘just a glitch.’

Pale blue glow of the Salty Springs rune

As of 2:10pm EST, the rune still remains unlocked and de-activated. We will keep updating this article with new information as it comes in.

Two more items remain to be revealed

As for the weapons/items that players will vote on to be unvaulted, only four out of six have appeared on the in-game monitors. This suggests that the climax of the event is still days away.

Fortnite Volcano Event Details

During the initial fifth Rune activation, the Volcano was the focal point for the event. This seems to be the true beginning of the larger ‘Fortnite Volcano’ event.

Players activated the fifth rune by throwing materials and ammo into the Volcano. This caused lava to spew from the peak every second or so.

This effect now continues after the activation and subsequent deactivation of the fifth rune.

Additionally, the whole map now rumbles and shakes as the volcano is getting ready to explode. There is no countdown for the event’s official start. The new rune at Salty Springs may serve as a countdown of some sort.

Later, players began to discover that the Volcano now grant shields to anyone who throws materials into it. We have a video of the occurrence below.

The player will receives 10 shields per 20 mats/ammo he or she throws into the Volcano. If you throw 200 mats/ammo into the Volcano at the same time, you will granted full shields.

Apart from the map shaking and lava bursts on the Volcano peak, no other changes have happened in relation to the event. We will update this post with more information as it comes in.