KEEMSTAR’s final Friday Fortnite roster has been announced with more huge names added to the bracket.

Names have been added as the previous week progressed as players lobby for chances to compete in the most clout-fueled tournament in Fortnite.

KEEM has finally reached a point where he feels comfortable announcing the final roster and won’t be replacing any players on clout considerations as he has done in the past.

The final roster includes a variety of top competitive Fortnite players like Bizzle, Mongraal, Megga and Dubs. Huge streamers like Ninja, Timthetatman, and Gotaga are on the list.

KEEMSTAR tapped into the YouTube community to grab multi-million subscriber profiles like Mr. Beast (19 million subscribers), Ricegum (11 million) and Lachlan (12 million).

One of the main draws from the original Friday Fortnite’s was the crossover to the mainstream and KEEMSTAR was able to get some big names from the music world by grabbing rappers DJ Akademiks and Tory Lanez.

You can check out the full bracket below:

The rules for Friday Fortnite are simple. Each duo drops into two random games. Whichever duo has the most kills combined after both games moves on in the bracket.

This format has the benefit of being easy to follow and allowing viewers to focus on the matchup that interests them the most.

There were some controversial choices in this bracket. KEEMSTAR’s community took issue with him adding in another female duo of Tinares and MaddieSun to compete against the other female duo of Valkyrae and Chica.

For some reason the community thought that him making 2/32 teams women somehow meant women were given special treatment. KEEM clarified his position on Twitter.

The other controversial choice hasn’t been talked about as much but Fortnite fans will notice an interesting name in match 10. FaZe HighSky – although not mentioned by name – was referenced in Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan.

Tfue claimed that the supposedly 13-year-old player is actually 11 and was pressured to lie about his age by FaZe Clan. It is interesting that he is still competing despite those allegations being published.

Friday Fortnite begins in three days, what round one match up are you most looking forward too?

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