Fornite pro player Thomas ‘Sops’ Bichon broke-down the best way to improve your game with various tips.

Following his win at a LAN hosted by ESWC, Sops took to the Fortnite Competitive subreddit to share some pointers on how to improve.

He started off his post by mentioning that he will watch North American professional players and streamers in order to pick-up tactics and attempts to mimic certain in-game attributes.

Prior to each match, Sops will also spend about 30 minutes in ‘Playground Mode’ to warm up his building and editing techniques to make sure they are on point.

A full rundown of his tactics can be viewed in the original Reddit post below, including practicing in ‘Solo-Squads,’ watching game film, and more.

Sops is a member of TrainHard Esports and took home $2,900 and the Omen Trophy at ESWC Metz earlier in September.

Epic Games has pledged to offer $100 million in prize money for a collection of Fortnite esports tournaments between 2018 and 2019, which has generated a substantial amount of hype around the esports community.

Source: Reddit

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