After Bugha’s $3 million dollar Solos victory, Fox News ran a segment covering Fortnite and laughably tried to dismiss the young man’s victory.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals ended with a bang when Bugha crushed the competition with a six game show of force. No one could touch him as he pushed his way to victory, but there are some that are seeking to dismiss his skills & Fortnite all together.

Fox News decided to run a ridiculous graphic during a segment covering the pro’s victory. They might have a slight bias against esports and gaming…maybe.

Fox News’ ‘way to cheat’ Fortnite esports graphic

Sentinels’ Bugha won the World Cup Solos Finals and has gone on to appear on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his success. As a victor of the biggest tourney in esports history, Bugha has an important role to play in displaying esports to the world. So far, we’d say he’s doing a great job of it and enjoying himself the whole time.

However, Fox News doesn’t seem to see it that way. The network decided to run a laughable ‘way to cheat’ graphic while they talked about Bugha’s win. As you’ll see, the image’s text is obviously meant to demean and dismiss Fortnite and esports as a legitimate business or job. @SypherPK tweeted the image along with a funny comment.

Valid criticism should always be accepted & examined, but this graphic is far from valid. Keep in mind that the network’s average viewer age is well into the sixties. While gamers can quickly set such rhetoric aside, these older non-gaming viewers might buy these falsehoods without much afterthought.

Yes, Fortnite is free-to-play, but add-ons aren’t exactly the right term for Fortnite’s cosmetic purchases. Many games have included $15 to $20 ‘add-ons’ like map packs for over a decade, but cosmetics are truly 100% optional. However, the graphic gets much worse with the second bullet point.

Unbelievably, Fox decided to display a completely false ‘way to cheat’ point along with the victory coverage.

According to them, hiding in a bush in Fortnite & doing nothing is considered a cheater’s way to win. While we understand that this annoying tactic is sometimes employed in public matches, it could never ever work in a professional setting. Here’s a look at one of the end-games from the tourney via the Sentinels account:

In fact, the segment connects the “cheating” with Bugha’s victory coverage as if the Sentinels player used this strategy to win himself. This, of course, isn’t true in the slightest as competitive end-games require insanely fast building, accurate shooting, situational awareness and more.

These misleading statements aren’t going to have any major effect on esports, but the lack of research is infuriating to fans of the game. A single viewing of the final match of the World Cup Finals proves how insane that graphic truly is. How would a player hide in a bush the entire game with the Storm Surge mechanic that punishes players for not dealing enough damage? Simply reading the rules of the FWC debunks the image!

Technically, Fox News didn’t lie with the infomation in the graphic. At some point in Fortnite’s history, a few players have won by hiding in a bush and doing nothing. However, implying that the world champion did so is disingenuous at the very least.

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