Ever since Creative mode released, we’ve played dozens of masterpieces that would put most game design professionals to shame. Cizzorz has continued his expert level creation with Deathrun 4.0.

We love Fortnite’s battle royale, but playing a single mode isn’t healthy unless you enjoy ever waking minute of it. It’s good to take a break every once in a while. Thankfully, Fortnite has plenty of other modes to fill our recovery time.

Cizzorz has released an all new Deathrun 4.0 experience for players to try out. The course features faster speeds, sharper turns, and crazy new mechanics we didn’t even know could be done with Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Cizzorz’s Deathrun 4.0 Featured in Fortnite Creative

Epic Games features the very best of the community creations in the ‘Featured’ portals within the game’s Playground/Creative lobbies. These range from non-building maps to puzzles to the infamous Deathruns.

FaZe Cizzorz, a popular Fortnite YouTuber, recently had his latest Deathrun become a Featured Island. You can hop into the experience yourself right now, but be prepared to fail…a lot. It’s gotten even harder than the previous ones.

In case Epic removes the Featured portal, you can still enter Deathrun 4.0 with the island code: 3316-8193-9274. The island originally released on July 1st.

Once you enter Deathrun 4.0, you’ll need to press your platform’s ‘use’ key/button to start the game.

Start the rage!

We immediately realized that Cizzorz wasn’t going to make this easy on us when we spawned inside a pitch black room. We couldn’t move in any direction off of the platform beneath us except straight towards a deadly trap.

From there, you’ll run into increasingly difficult challenges including traps, Ice Blocks, Jet Packs, Impulse Grenade jumps, and more. There are 17 ‘rooms’ in total and a total of around 30 differing traps and challenges.

We’ve completed the previous Deathruns and they were extremely hard (the rage tears have still not fully dried), but 4.0 takes the challenge to another level. The early traps and tricks can be figured out and ‘cheesed’ by simply slowing yourself down, but the later rooms are pure talent.

In our initial runs of the maze, we couldn’t make it all the way to end. We’re going to have to get some reps in before we can call ourselves parkour masters. With that said, many amazing players have played near flawless runs on 4.0.

YouTuber hotball1 posted a 4 minute, 47 second run of the course earlier in the month. After trying the map ourselves, we were completely awestruck by the agility displayed here.

Death Run is a great way to pass the time if you are done with Fortbyte and Battle Pass challenges. Season 9 is set to end on August 1st (due to the Fortnite World Cup & Epic’s vacation) so there’s going to be plenty of downtime.

Well, now that you know about Deathrun 4.0, hop into the challenge yourself and post your best times in the comments. While you might not be able to beat the World Record, you just may take the prize of being FortniteINTEL’s greatest Death-runner.