Epic Games has provided a Tweet and post on Reddit announcing that Fortnite’s Zoey Skin has been disabled in-game until further notice. This announcement comes after a Bug caused the Zoey Skin specifically to not render in at distance.

It’s important to note that this is a temporary disable until the bug can be fixed. Stacey ‘Flak’ Conley also took to /r/FortniteBR to announce the action being taken.

The reason behind this disable is due to the Zoey Skin not appearing as invisible to friendly and enemy players at a relatively close distance. While the Pickaxe or Weapon of the player was still visible, this made it near impossible to spot players using the Zoey Skin which granted them a competitive advantage.

Epic has not stated what changes were made to the game to cause such an issue to occur. It can be inferred that Patch v6.20 brought some under the hood optimization improvements which caused this mishap. Player models are downgraded in quality at a distance to improve the game’s performance, and extreme ranges players aren’t visible, however this is only intended for ranges which another player should not have a line of sight toward said player.

What are your thoughts on this bug? Were you one of the unlucky who ran into a Zoey player abusing this glitch? Remember to use the in-game reporting function to report players.

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