Vending Machines have been changed a couple of times over the Fortnite seasons, but this change would be pretty impactful.

Right now vending machines offer up a weapon, then they just disappear.

It’s a system that works fine, but doesn’t really make a ton of sense considering the nature of a vending machine.

Of course, players also shouldn’t just be able to stand at the machine and get weapon after weapon.

This concept from Kitteh6660 finds a compromise between those two ideas by introducing a “sold out” cooldown period between uses.

My idea on how to tweak the Vending Machines, keeping it with the aesthetics with vending machines. No more disappearing vending machines! from r/FortNiteBR

Do Vending Machines need to be changed?

This may be the core point that derails a concept like this. Compared to plenty of other things currently in Fortnite, Vending Machines are probably not on most player’s list of things they want to see changed.

That’s totally fair. They aren’t game-breaking in their current form and work basically as intended.

But on the other hand, this concept is an easy thing to introduce that adds a bit more complexity to each game of Fortnite. It’s not much, but if this concept is implemented it could definitely affect how some players play the game.

How would this Vending Machine concept change Fortnite?

So here’s the question worth answering. What would this to do the game and would it be a positive or negative?

Personally, I think it would be a positive but I will lay out arguments for both sides.

My reasoning for it being a positive is because it adds another layer of strategy to Fortnite, which I always think is a good thing.

Suddenly vending machines become larger points of interest that players can battle around. If someone sees a vending machine on cool down, they would become more aware of a person possibly being around that area.

Based on the amount of time, they could figure out how soon someone had been there. The contents of the machine would change each time and I think they would probably need to be scaled back a little bit to make sure it wasn’t just a legendary weapon re-roll each time.

Increase the amount of grey and green guns that come from machines and I think this is a valid strategy that isn’t broken.

On the other hand, this does promote camping. By having a weapon source that refreshes every-so-often, players are less incentivized to explore around the map and loot, or enter engagements.

If this was like Season 3 or 4, I think that would be a bigger problem than it poses now. We have a ton of mobility items and I don’t think people want to camp now as much as they did back then.

Some people absolutely still would, but I don’t think it would be a foregone conclusion that each vending machine would have someone camping nearby, especially if the weapon rarity RNG became a bit worse.

What do you think about this concept? Yay or nay?

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