Fortnite’s v9.30 update injected a lot of new life into the leaking community, the current meta and the competitive scene.

The reaction to the update were overwhelmingly positive for the first time in quite a while.

The most talked about changes were the removal of shotgun delay, vaulting the Boom Bow and the new Chug Splash heal.

Now to be clear, these reactions will be to the patch notes only and not the various things found in the game files along with the update.

The Drum Shotgun and Air Strike items are both likely to impact the meta in some way, but reactions to those two leaks are only speculation at this point.

I would say you’d be missed but, well, you won’t

Ninja’s reaction and other top streamers

The voice that dictates a lot of public opinion on the update is still traveling home from the Pro-Am in Los Angeles. With that being said, the patch notes got a thumbs up.

The replies to the Patch Notes, among the various scams and spam, were all positive as well.

Even Fast Food meme Twitter offered their praise:

Those are really just initial reactions to reading the Patch Notes. Even the rift shot glitch was patched out which is a great move for the competitive scene as people abusing a glitch at the WC would be a disaster.

The best gameplay clip from the new Chug Splash wasn’t even close. SypherPK using the item to prolong NICKMERCS time before he was eliminated was an amazing use of the new item:

That’s truly the mark of a great item. Something unique that can be used in crucial situations but that isn’t overpowered or a must have by any means.

Dakotaz was a huge fan of the update for a variety of reasons, first because it was good for the game, second, because they added massive beach balls.

Focusing on what’s really important here DK.

Myth’s meme game has been strong lately and his reaction video to the new patch is great:

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