Fortnite took us a step forward and then a step back.

The latest Fortnite patch made much-needed improvements to editing but it turns out some unforeseen issues came with it as a result.

Epic Games has reverted the editing portion of the update back to the way it was prior to this update.

The problem prevented players from being able to shoot after jumping from the Battle Bus, which would be a pretty big issue to have.

The news was first announced on Twitter in a reply to SypherPK but a more detailed response was given today on Reddit.

Epic Games says the changes will be implemented again in patch v.7.30.

You can read the announcement in its entirety below:

Edit Delay Improvements Reverted Temporarily

Hey folks,

In the v7.20 Patch Notes we had a line that read:

  • Editing a structure will now begin without waiting for a response from the server. This should cut down on ghost shots before editing and make it a smoother experience.
  • Confirming the edit will still require sending data to the server and be impacted by high ping or poor server performance.

Unfortunately, due to an issue that was preventing players from being able to shoot after jumping from the Battle Bus, we’ve had to revert that improved functionality. For the time being, editing will now react the same way it did prior to v7.20.

Fear not! All improvements listed above will be re-added to Patch v7.30.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  1. This is good because while they decreased the skill gap with building, editing will be a thing for higher skilled players. Well, whenever they re-add the patch anyway.


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