From time to time Epic Games will bring fan feedback and concepts to life in Fortnite. Most recently, Epic brought a 9 year old’s Tender Defender (Chicken Trooper) cosmetic pack to life, now a Redditor’s Icicle Pickaxe is on the horizon.

On October 30th Redditor /u/snabobo took to /r/FortniteBR to share their Snowman Skin, Sapling Back Bling, and Icicle Pickaxe concept.

The post received 5.2K upvotes and 175 comments, many Redditors gave their support for such an addition.

On December 6th, /u/snabobo returned to /r/FortniteBR to share their excitement…

My icicle pickaxe became reality!

The Fortnite Season 7 v7.00 update brought many new assets to the game, one of which being a new Icicle Pickaxe which has just to be released at the time of writing.

The Pickaxe is very obviously based on /u/snabobo’s concept and even features a homage to the concept’s name.

Icicle (Rare)

Cold to the touch.

Epic Games has yet to announce an official release date for the Icicle Pickaxe and any accompanying cosmetics. While it is possible it may never see a release, this is very unlikely.

/u/snabobo did not confirm or deny whether Epic reached out to them for permission to use the concept as they did for the Tender Defender concept. However, we’re not sure of the legalities or if this is even a requirement.

It’s a small but appreciated gesture by Epic Games. What are your thoughts on the Icicle Pickaxe? Stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for further updates.

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