The long-awaited Fortnite Gifting system appears to have received yet another update as it nears what is assumed to be the final development stages.

Fortnite’s Gifting system has been in the “coming in the near future” status as of June 2018. Earlier this month players were able to obtain access to the Gifting UI and functionality in-game, revealing what we can expect. However, it seems that the system has been updated since as another player has revealed the ability to add colored gifting wrapping to gifts.

Below the “Personalize the Gift” text in the Gift Wrap tab appears 4 gift boxes with Purple, Red, Yellow, and Blue gift wrapping which was previously not present as seen in the image below. The Gift Wrap tab also allows you to personalize the Gift with a message which will be displayed to the recipient upon opening the Gift. It’s possible that the previously seen UI was simply incomplete or bugged due it pre-release state.

Besides this change it seems the gifting system is nearing release as the functionality is present, it’s likely that the system is being tested for issues before being launched for the public.

Epic has not yet stated or provided an update on the release of the Gifting system. Players have been left in the dark for quite some time with many hoping for its release at the beginning of Season 6. Perhaps this feature simply isn’t ready and is slated to release toward the end of the Season? We’ll keep you updated.

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