The ‘Trio vs Squad’ record for the most eliminations has finally been broken after almost six months.

Fortnite players are always hopping into matches attempting to get the most kills in the server, with most fighting to get their chance to land in the Fortnite record books.

After six months, the record for most kills for ‘Trios vs Squad’ has been broken by a Japanese trio of Mauchaso, Ac.Qjac, and kyaroninzin.

What is the new ‘Trio vs Squad’ Fortnite record?

The old record was 53 eliminations set by NokSs, XMS, and Renik back in September 2018.

A Japanese squad was able to beat the elimination record in ‘Trio vs Squad’ by 3 kills.

It took over six months, but the new record now stands at 56 eliminations set by a team of three.

It is certainly impressive as the three players were able to eliminate over half the map while being a player down.

How was the ‘Trio vs Squad’ Fortnite record broken?

Most Fortnite players who are fighting for a record land at highly populated areas like Tilted Towers or Pleasant Park, however, the Japanese squad chose to split across the map and land in different locations.

Mauchaso landed at Retail Row, allowing him to collect four eliminations before moving towards Fatal Fields.

The rest of the team split across the map which allowed the team to collect eliminations from different locations.

The trio met up at the southwest corner at the end of the game, with all three ended with double-digit eliminations.

Here is the full elimination breakdown:

  • Kyaroninzin – 26 Eliminations
  • Mauchaso – 16 Eliminations
  • Ac.Qjac – 14 Eliminations

The Japanese trio was able to solidify their spot within Fortnite’s record books with their ‘Trio vs Squad’ elimination record.

If you are interested in checking out the rest of Fortnite’s world records, you can see our full list of Fortnite World Records through our hub.

A lot of records are beaten on console since most competitive Fortnite players play on PC.

Console players have an easier chance of beating console records due to the fact that PCs records are higher and much more difficult to beat.

For instance, PC’s solo record is 34 while console’s record is 30.

How long do you think it will take for another trio to smash the elimination record for ‘Trio vs Squad’ in Fortnite?

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    • 1st of all its won and 2nd it doesnt matter if its EU NA or AS they got more kills than the previous record thats what matters not the server


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