Fortnite is a game that’s available worldwide but that doesn’t mean it plays the exact same in every country, as China appears to have different mechanics entirely.

In most scenarios, being caught out in the storm in Fortnite would be a death sentence, or at the very least force you to think on your feet and get out as soon as possible.

However, that’s not the case for players in China as they have a completely different Storm mechanic. Instead of having your health tick away slowly, China has a whole separate health bar for the Storm.

Reddit user Ringsel1 gave everyone a glimpse at what that looks like and how it differs from everywhere else.

Once that bar runs out, you just die instantly. When you’re out of the Storm this bar will replenish on its own.

This would completely change how endgame situations work in a competitive format if it became adopted everywhere.

As it stands in the rest of the world, you’ll lose a lot of health staying in the Storm late in the game but the China format would actually allow you to make plays without losing a huge chunk of your health.

A lot of misplays happen in the frantic endgames that cause players to take a ton of Storm damage, but that would be prevented in China.

Wonder how Storm Flips work in China?

It’s a curious change for sure and it leads you to wonder what all the other changes that Fortnite has in China.

We’ve seen games make changes when they release in China, notably Fortnite competitor PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

For PUBG Mobile, when you kill a player, they’ll wave goodbye to the player and drop their loot box before disappearing.

Fortnite is already a more child-friendly battle royale than most, as the game defines kills as eliminations and removed the skull that represented how many you had and replaced it with a crosshair instead.

It’s definitely interesting to look at how different Fortnite can be in other countries. What do you think? Would you want this Storm change to be used worldwide? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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