Nick Eh 30, FaZe Replays, FaZe SpaceLyon, and Turkey Lips set the World Record for most Eliminations in a single Fortnite Squad match the evening of September 25th, 2018. Only 3 hours later, FaZe Tfue, FaZe Cloak, ZexRow, and Kreo set the record 1 Elimination higher.

Lucky Llamas – 56 Eliminations

  • FaZe Replays: 18 Eliminations
  • FaZe SpaceLyon: 9 Eliminations
  • Nick Eh 30: 13 Eliminations
  • Turkey Lips: 16 Eliminations

While practicing for the Fall Skirmish ‘Squad Goals’ Challenge, the Luck Llama’s team set a Record of 56 Eliminations. Nick Eh 30 and co. took to Twitter to announce this achievement.

Rift Raiders – 57 Eliminations

  • FaZe Cloak: 17 Eliminations
  • ZekRow: 13 Eliminations
  • Kreo: 3 Eliminations
  • FaZe Tfue: 24 Eliminations

3 hours after the Lucky Llamas Record was set, the Rift Raiders swooped up the title with an extra elimination. of course, the team took to Twitter to share the excitement.


The ‘Squad Goals’ Challenge appears to be bringing the best out of the players as the eSports Operations Manager at Epic Games noted on Twitter. In the same night, Ninja’s Team dropped 44 Eliminations and Myth’s Team dropped 52 Eliminations.

Do you see the record increasing any time soon, or perhaps the bar is set so high that the record will stand for a while?

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