Thanos has returned to Fortnite and has brought along his Chitauri Horde. While you can’t instantly delete half the playerbase, the Snap emote does have an unique effect within the EndGame LTM.

Small details can be hard to miss, but they matter immensely in video game design for that all essential sense of immersion. Fortnite, while having a simplistic art style, does a good job of paying attention to details that give the players a little more fanfare.

Thanos returned with the EndGame LTM and features the same ability set as last year’s version. The only thing that was missing is his signature Snap…or so we thought!

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.

The Snap emote was added to Fortnite right after the Infinity War event in 2018, so no special interaction for Thanos were possible the first time around.

For Fortnite X Avengers EndGame however, Epic Games has thrown in a tiny little easter egg for fans of Thanos and his Gauntlet.

The following footage can be viewed courtesy of Reddit user ‘SupGuyHowItBe.’

Snapping as Thanos actually does something! from r/FortNiteBR

The effect is very subtle and small, but it’s a nice tribute to Thanos’ Snap nonetheless. An actual snapping ability would simply have been too overpowered even within the EndGame LTM to be any fun.

Of course, this effect will only play if the player is currently taking the form of the Mad Titan.

We think it’s a really nice little easter egg that shows Epic’s attention to detail. While thinking about the big picture of content updates and EndGame events is important, the small details of design should never be forgotten.

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