Some players are claiming that the leaked Red Variant for Skull Trooper is actually just the purple version found in-game. We’ve directly contacted FNBRLeaks and they have kindly provided us images containing comparisons for both the purple and red versions of Skull Trooper. We can say that it is very likely we’ll see this red variant.

Purple Version

Red Version

The infamous ‘Skull Trooper’ outfit in Fortnite could be receiving¬†another version in the future, according to a new leak.

On October 11, notorious leaker @FNBRLeaks revealed that another variant of the Skull Trooper outfit would be making its way to the Fortnite battleground sometime shortly. The variant, which looks to be a Red version of the current Skull Trooper skin, has been found through a texture in the files.

The assets, which are titled “Red Flames”, have been found inside the Athena files. Athena is the codeword for Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Not just for Skull Trooper’s skin, but actually the Ghost Portal back bling as well.

The red variant should just be a red glow, similar to that of the existing versions of Skull Trooper – who was re-released into the Item Shop on October 10. We don’t know how or when this version of Skull Trooper and Ghost Portal will appear in the Item Shop, or if in the Shop at all – instead Challenges.

This is the texture that was discovered in the files by @FNBRLeaks.

As you can see, it looks to be an all-red version. Similar to that of the Purple Variant that only Original Skull Trooper Owners received.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know if anything else Skull Trooper or Fortnitemares related pops up! Stay tuned!


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