Epic Games began hinting at an in-game event for Fortnite on May 3 with a huge count down timer, and when the time finally came for the event, Fortnite’s map was left burning in destruction.

Season 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale introduced a huge volcano near the northern side of the map, and around the last week of April 2019, the map began rumbling with lead fans to believe it might erupt.

On May 4, Fortnite underwent another in-game event that eventually lead to the destruction of some of fan’s favorite locations.

What happened at Loot Lake?

At approximately 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST, all of Fortnite Battle Royale was witness to the Rune event at Loot Lake.

The metal door that was unearthed at Loot Lake opened up with a huge beam of purple light blasting up into the sky.

Some fans tried to jump into the seemingly infinite white light shining out of the hole, but nothing seemed to happen.

About 30 seconds later, fans were then transported to another dimension in time where the tactical machine gun, drum gun, Infinity Blade, X-4 Stormwing, and other vaulted items were displayed in a transparent shrine.

Another dimension with our worst nightmares

Players soon realized that the shrines took pick axe damage, and the entire lobby began to smack away at the weapons.

While players axed away at the shrines, there was a large white sphere floating in place towards the right end of the large white room.

We walked around the sphere, but we have no idea what it was or what it was meant to represent – another Epic mystery for next season?

Once players successfully destroyed the weapon shrines, they crumbled from the top to the bottom with the weapons sliding out of their old positions.

Drum guns are now back in Fortnite.

Volcanic action leads to chaos

After the shrines crumbled, players were transported back to the Fortnite map where they infinitely floated around with their gliders.

The map was dark, the sky looked to be red hot and covered in ash, as the ground began to shake violently within a few seconds of players arriving back on the map.

Soon, the volcano erupted with several huge rocks flying towards some of our favorite towns.

The first town to be destroyed was Retail Row with a huge rock crashing and exploding right into the town’s center.

Next, another rock was sent hurling through the air and eventually landed near the old Greasy Grove location.

Finally, the one location Epic has been teasing for months – Tilted Towers – was ground zero for numerous volcanic rocks leading to its destruction.

In the middle of Tilted Towers there is now a huge pool of lava where buildings once stood.

We will keep you updated on any new changes, but for now, players have a whole new map and meta to get used to!

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