Rifts have been one of Fortnite players favorite additions to the game, but this side of the rift hasn’t been seen by many players.

By using a glitch in Replay Mode Samatari22 was able to get a look into how a rift works.

Most people would assume they just start at the top of the sky, because why would Epic render another scene that players never see?

Well apparently Epic did create another landscape, and it is a beautiful view of a star-filled galaxy.

To see the galaxy you have to be in replay mode and take the game to the exact point where you are leaving the rift.

Once there, you will notice the normal blue sky give way to a purple and black galaxy.

Samarti22 explored the view in this music video:

Glitched into a rift in replay mode. Never realized how beautiful it was inside. from r/FortNiteBR

The song providing a background is “Beautiful World” by Tennyson, in case anyone was vibing and wanted to add it to their Fortnite playlist.

What is most interesting about this video is that Fortnite has been out and played heavily for about a year and a half.

I’ve been writing about the game since November and playing it for much longer, and still people are discovering new parts of the game that haven’t been seen before.

It is not clear if the rift graphics were added in a later detail patch or if they have been there the whole time, but either way it is cool to see the inside of a rift.

Have you seen the Fortnite Galaxy before this? Or was this new to you?

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