We have been expecting Respawn Vans to enter Fortnite in the last couple of updates, now we know more about how they work.

Respawning is a mechanic some other Battle Royale titles have had and it works well in those games so Fortnite is going to add it.

But we still don’t know when. Replay Vans have been appearing through replay glitches and in-game bugs since before the start of Season 8.

As such, we have expected them in Update v8.1 and Update v8.2, but we are still waiting.

They will be coming soon but until we know when, we can only speculate on how these vans will work.

In other BR titles, it’s pretty simple. In Apex Legends, once a duo or squad member dies, they drop a Respawn Beacon.

If their teammates win the battle they take the Beacon to a respawn station and the game continues.

That seems to be similar to how it will work in Fortnite, except Beacons will be called “Reboot Cards.”

-FortniteTryHard- discovered this mechanic, because they have poor internet which allowed them to get next to a respawn van, despite it not being in the game.

Closest I’ve been to respawn van! from r/FortNiteBR

Some people speculated that the Reboot Cards would come down to RNG, aka they would be something that came out of chests or in floor loot.

I think it is more likely that a Reboot Card is dropped from a downed teammate and then must be taken to a van to have them respawn.

Of course this is all speculation but tying respawning to the RNG of finding a card wouldn’t be a good decision, in my opinion.

For people unfamiliar with how it works in other BR’s, the main benefit of respawning is that games become a more fully team affair.

Everybody stays engaged in the game until all players are eliminated.

People who have played a lot of squads in Fortnite have had a friend who wanted the group to end the game after they got eliminated.

Respawning helps remove that problem. Hopefully it is something added to the game in the next update, but at this point we aren’t holding our breath.

How do you think these “Reboot Cards” work? Are they RNG based or similar to the Beacon?

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