After rapidly melting for the last 10 days, since January 17th; the Polar Peak dungeon has mostly melted, revealing the arm of its prisoner.

The dungeon within Fortnite’s Polar Peak castle houses a prisoner who was frozen in ice, presumably by the Ice King himself, though the prisoner may not be trapped much longer.

As the ice melts day by day, the prisoner seemingly comes closer to escaping the captivity of the ice. Every day for the last 10 days the ice has melted, now revealing an arm.

via LootLakeBR

All that remains of the once frozen dungeon is a body-sized block of ice which is chained to the dungeon’s ceiling. At this rate, we’re days away from the big reveal.

Many players assume that whoever is trapped in the ice will be the upcoming Snowfall skin which is rewarded for completing 9 weeks worth of Season 7 Challenges.

via LootLakeBR

The arm which extends out of the ice block appears to have a sort of stone skin which features engravings on the hands and spikes near the shoulder.

While the model seen in the images above was leaked with the last significant update, this is the first in-game look we’ve seen so far. Interestingly enough, the asset used for this entity is internally named penguin – though this is likely just to preserve the true identity.

What are your predictions for the prisoner and Snowfall skin? Is the prisoner itself heating the ice, causing it to melt?