Despite the Ice King’s Ice Storm, players have noticed that the Dungeon which houses a prisoner in Fortnite’s Polar Peak point-of-interest is rapidly melting.

The Polar Peak point-of-interest was added to Fortnite’s Battle Royale map at the beginning of Season 7. It has since been the center of the current lore’s attention, as the castle melts more and more secrets are revealed.

Week 7 of Season 7 revealed a prisoner trapped within ice in the castle’s dungeon. It appears that the ice is melting every day, soon to reveal who or what may be frozen.

As seen in the video above, a significant amount of ice melts with each day. The exact time that the melt occurs is not yet known, though it’s likely that this doesn’t happen live.

The above video spans from Thursday, January 17th to Tuesday, January 22nd. Within this 5 day period the dungeon is cleared on all sides due to the ice melting.

The above screenshot was taken on from the January 17th footage. The following screenshot was taken moments ago at the time of writing on January 23rd.

Compare the two to see just how much the ice melts in a little less than a week.

The chains which hold the prisoner captive within the ice have been revealed and are slowly being disconnected from the ice. The prisoner will soon be free.

What exactly is causing the ice to melt is not yet known, perhaps the prisoner itself started the melting process? What are your theories?