A rather large and undocumented change made after Fortnite Patch v6.21 is the addition of multiple large arenas placed in the sky when in a Playground match.

It seems that Epic is taking Playground fun and re-playability seriously as multiple new arenas have been added that are only available in the sandbox mode. This addition is likely to give players a load of new ideas and possibilities.

In order of appearance, here are all of the arenas which can be found above the map…

  • Pirate Ship – Seems to be a simple build showoff without much functionality, great for cinematics and build inspiration.
  • Parkour Course – Between the initial Pirate Ship and yet another Pirate Ship seems to be some sort of parkour course which players can test their movement skills on.
  • Pirate Ship – Same as the first Pirate Ship, good for team-based mini-games.
  • Spiky Stadium – Connected via a bridge is a Spiky Stadium, eliminating the need to find Red Supply Drops for players who just want to quickly play in the stadium.
  • Battle Arenas – Located across from the Spiky Stadium are 4 arenas which each feature 4 Vending Machines, a Freeze Trap, and a hole in the center of the Arena.
  • Trap Arena – Next to the Spiky Stadium is an Arena constructed with Freeze and Spike Traps which could make some great mini-games. A Time Trail pickup can be found here.
  • Build Templates – 3 Build Templates can also be found showing the players how to build a Llama, a double Staircase, and 1-1 builds.
  • Unknown – An odd-looking structure with a Time Trial pickup can be found near the Llama build template.
  • Pirate Ships – To finish it off, 2 more Pirate Ships can be found at the end of the stretch of Arenas.
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