The latest vaulted item to appear on the monitors near Fortnite’s Loot Lake event have has been revealed!

At roughly 4:40AM ET, the Tactical Submachine Gun appeared on a monitor located in a research facility at Loot Lake. The Tactical Submachine Gun is one of few vaulted items which were chosen for the upcoming event, as per leaks.

Two monitors remain, thankfully players are aware of what’s to come thanks to leaked assets following the v8.50 patch. The Tactical Submachine Gun is just one of many Fortnite items which players wish wasn’t vaulted.

Leaked assets hint that the X-4 Stormwing Plane, Bouncer, Tactical Submachine Gun, Infinity Blade, Drum Gun SMG, and Grappler will appear on the monitors at the lake.

So far, these leaks have proven to be entirely accurate. The current speculation is that players will enter the vault located at the center of Loot Lake where they will vote on a single item from the aforementioned list to unvault.

At the time of writing, the Grappler and Infinity Blade have yet to appear on the monitors, but are expected to appear over the next two days.

Of the listed items, which are you hoping is unvaulted?

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