Fortnite’s much anticipated Season 7 was ushered in with the V7.00 update on Thursday, December 6th.

While the game added many new items, such as the X-4 Stormwing and ziplines that allow players to quickly move from one location to another, dataminers have been hard at work searching through the game’s files to try and find what’s coming next for the popular battle royale title.

One possible new consumable, named the Big Poppy, has already been leaked by dataminers, however it appears that it may not be the only consumable we see added to the game in the near future.

While searching through the update files, leakers came across a Durr Burger consumable that may make an appearance at some point in the game.

Of course, Fortnite fans with a good memory will remember that this isn’t the first time that a Durr Burger consumable has been spotted in the game’s files.

Back in May, the Durr Burger made its first appearance inside the game files, added by Epic Games during Season 4.

While the item was placed inside the files, it was never actually made available to players in the game, with most people forgetting about its existence. However, as shown by FortTory on Twitter, Epic Games have actually updated the Durr Burger consumable, slightly altering the visuals of the item.

While there is no official word from the developers about whether this item is coming to the game or not, it’s unlikely that they would take the time to update the item if they had no intention of actually using it.

There’s currently no information about what the Durr Burger would do, but it’s possible that it may act like Apples, which grant the player a small amount of health regeneration when consumed. It’s also possible that the item could appear solely in one of Fortnite’s Limited Time Modes, such as the Food Fight LTM which took place during Season 6.

What do you think the Durr Burger consumable will be used for? Let us know!

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