The Infinity Blade has been released in Fortnite’s main mode and lobbies are concentrated on Polar Peak in a race to get the sword.

The blade acts similar to the Infinity Gauntlet from the Thanos LTM but feels just a little less powerful.

The blade deals 75 damage for each swing and comes with a jump-dash that deals 25 damage in a circle around the landing.

In addition, the first player claiming the sword immediately gets 200 health and shields and each kill regenerates 50. There is also a steady one point per second heal for the user of the sword.

Unlike the Infinity Gauntlet, players know exactly where the Infinity Blade will spawn every game, and that has left the courtyard of the Polar Peak castle swarming with players.

Here’s a clip of gameplay and the exact location of the sword:

As you can see, there’s plenty of competition for the sword. Also, just the act of pulling it out of the stone takes a long time and the player in that video nearly dies to a pickaxe from 80 health.

If someone was shooting or even if the pickaxe had reached a second sooner, the player would never have controlled the sword.

Once players have the sword, they can’t grab any new items or weapons. Much like the Thanos LTM, the risk/reward of going for the sword is going to be high.