Fortnite’s gifting feature is coming to an end, but it doesn’t seem to be permanent. 

On Tuesday, December 4th at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 6 PM GMT the feature will end and players will no longer be able to gift cosmetic items to each other.

This seems like a bit of a premature end for the feature because December, a universal month of giving, is just getting started.

The wording in the official tweet could be indicating that the gifting feature will be making a comeback in the future as they call this brief stretch “the initial period” for gifting.

So Epic may just be disabling the feature as they focus on the release of Season 7 with gifting coming back later in the month when the immediate hype around the season’s launch has died back down.

This initial period only lasts for a week from November 27th to December 4th, again an indication that this could have been a trial period before the holidays really get underway.

Before gifting was announced players were worried about how the system might be abused through account hacking but Epic put stringent restrictions on who could send gifts.

Players had to be friends for over 24 hours, could only send a maximum of three skins each day and had to have two-factor authentication enabled.

In addition, the only skins available for gifting were ones that were currently in the shop, which placed a strong restriction on using the gifting system to sell skins on third-party marketplaces. 

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