Hours ago the Floating Island positioned above Loot lake began moving, where it will stop is currently unknown…

However, a few users in the community appear to have discovered a glitch in Fortnite’s Replay Mode which allows them to see what’s yet to come in-game. It appears that the Island will make its way over each of the Corrupted Areas where the Cube once printed a Rune, in reverse order.

Once the Island has made its way to a Corrupted Area, it will spawn Corruption Vents which use the mesh of the previously leaked Volcanic Pits.

In the video below you can see the Island seated above multiple Corruption Areas, and in some cases the Corruption Vents can be found.

Users are theorizing that the Corruption Vents will do exactly as the internal name implies and vent the corruption into the world. This would also explain the Corrupted Bright Bomber seen in the Cube reflection in the Season 5 Week 10 Loading Screen.

What do you think?

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