Dusty Divot has been through several redesigns since the original Dusty Depot location from Season 1, and leakers were able to find hints pointing towards another redesign for the Fortnite location.

Dusty Depot was one of the original locations in Fortnite, remaining in the same spot since Season 1.

Duty Depot is now known as Dusty Divot since the meteor crashed into the map during Season 4, completely changing the location’s design.

The location has gone through numerous rounds of construction and looks completely different compared to it’s original design of three different colored metal warehouses.

According to a leak from popular Fortnite leaker S1l0x, Dusty Divot might be looking at another design overhaul.

S1l0x was able to find different render models of different stages of construction that Dusty Divot will go through.

The pictures show off construction equipment surrounding the crater that was left from Season 4’s meteor.

It is believed that the new area will replace the current Dusty Divot location, including the attached restaurant location.

Epic might be trying to fill in the hole from Season 4’s crater with dirt, or creating the layout for a whole new architectural design.

These leaks could point towards Dusty Divot changing during Season 8, or the possibility of a whole new location for Season 9.

If Epic was to change Dusty Divot, it wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite would get a completely different design.

One example would be the previous location of Risky Reels, which was replaced by The Block during Season 7.

Epic never comments on leaks and the only way to confirm them is to see if the changes arrive in Fortnite.

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