Epic Games have fixed a majorly destructive bug that was first popularised when FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney destroyed the entirety of Tilted Towers within seconds.

FaZe Tfue’s clip of the destruction of Tilted Towers within mere seconds recently went viral, exposing a catastrophic exploit in which the game could not distinguish between player structures and actual buildings in Tilted Towers.

When Tfue destroyed his own structures, it took down every single building in the area with it, leaving almost nothing left after the destruction had finished. If players had managed to pull this off during an actual competitive game, it could have changed the tide of battle massively – throwing players off of high structures and more.

Epic Games had patched the bug extremely quickly, taking to Twitter to explain the reason for updating the servers and fixing the bug.

Of course, no download or downtime was required. If this bug was slightly easier or had a longer delay before being patched, Tilted Towers could have been even more of a death trap for players.

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