The Clinger Grenade is an old favorite in Fortnite but now a major problem has been discovered with its blast radius.

Fortnite’s Clinger Grenade is slowly crawling its way back into the arsenal of many Fortnite players due to its newfound effectiveness.

There are a variety of ways players can dominate with the Clinger but this new method might end up taking the cake.

A video posted to Reddit by user Misoangelo shows what is certainly a bug with the Clinger Grenade.

*MUST WATCH* Game-breaking clinger glitch! from FortNiteBR

The video above shows a Clinger will destroy a wall but not damage the player on the other side of it normally.

However, the player then tests it on an opposing player who is inside of a structure with a wall separating them.

The Clinger explodes, eliminating both the stuck player and the player who threw it.

It’s unclear whether this is working as intended but it certainly doesn’t seem like that’s how it should be.

The metal wall seems to show it is a bug as the wall isn’t even destroyed but the player still gets eliminated.

It’s possible Epic Games will address this in a hotfix or the next patch so stay tuned.

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