Fortnite Season X immediately started a conversation since Epic Games added the BRUTE mech suit that might be more powerful than the Infinity Blade, and a leaked email points to an incoming adjustment to the weaponized vehicle.

Fans have not been enjoying the BRUTE at all across the casual and competitive Fortnite communities.


One complaint is that the mech suit is way too powerful and difficult to counter while others find it to be a “cheese”, or a strategic move with minimal effort.

There have been overpowered weapons added to Fortnite before, like the Infinity Blade. That weapon was quickly vaulted after players quickly voiced their concern over the “OP” weapon.

BRUTE nerf incoming?

According to this leaked email from a Fortnite fan who contacted Epic over the BRUTE, the vehicle will soon be receiving a buff due to negative feedback.

Reddit user some_cheese emailed Epic’s support team in order to share their concerns over the mech, and surprisingly, they got a response that leaves us rather hopeful.

So I emailed Epic about the BRUTE mech and got this response. I’m hopeful. from u/Some_Cheese

An Epic employee by the name of “Gab” replied to the email by stating that “the developers will nerd B.R.U.T.E soon due to a lot of players filing a complaint”. He also includes that the mech might be removed entirely from competitive modes, like Arena.

This email has not been confirmed to be accurate, and with Epic Games having a strong policy on not addressing rumors or leaks, we will just have to wait to see if it becomes true.

Epic Games went on to vault the Infinity Blade just four days after it’s release, so it isn’t far-fetched to think all B.R.U.T.Es will be introduced to the vault.

Have you been enjoying Season X’s BRUTE suits, or have they annoyed you more than impressed?