Fortnite players have uncovered an incredibly overpowered way to rack up material with the help of the BRUTE Mech.

As Epic Games has not yet moved to nerf or even vault the BRUTE’s players are still using them to their advantage – as annoying as that might be to others.

We’ve already seen them go flying through the sky thanks to a glitch, as well as becoming unkillable for a brief moment, but there is a new non-glitch issue that is frustrating fans because of how game-changing it can be. 

The BRUTE has become a serious issue with season ten. IMG: Epic Games.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user Qums, pointed out that stomping with the BRUTE Mech at the part of 0KYT’s Block that looks like an entrance to a will hand out the 999 maximum amount of wood. 

Of course, the vehicle can’t go throw the shaft opening itself where floor loot spawns, so stomping from the outside in the only way to get inside – unless you want to leave the friendly confines of the overpowered BRUTE, that is. 

Obviously, aside from the BRUTE being as controversial as it already is, fans weren’t happy to see it contributing to another overpowered strategy.

“That’s mechs to ya. Grab a mech and just step on it. You can either ditch it or keep it. I keep it to make to endgame and then use my mats to get win,” commented pichusine

Another, KronosWvW, added: “Yeah did this in TR [Team Rumble] and I immediately knew it would be just as crazy in pubs. This thing seriously needs to go… doing too many things at once.”

Despite all that, it appears as if you want to take the risk to land at the current Block, you will rack up a hefty amount of materials from harvesting – even without the BRUTE, though, it does help.

“It actually gives way over 2k from a single step we did this in squads and one step gave both pilots full stone and some extra for the boys,” Redditor Paaboss pointed out as players tried to debate how material it should really give. 

While Epic has moved to address other BRUTE videos posted to the subreddit – including a glitch that allows players to also ride on driftboards, they have not yet responded to this. 

Considering they still haven’t given us an update on when the v10.10 patch will be released, after they delayed it due to problems with the build of the game, it could be a little while yet before we see changes made to the BRUTE Mechs.

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