The Bottle Rockets might actually be a game changer.

At first glance, Fortnite’s new Bottle Rockets might not seem like a huge deal.

However, that’s probably before you realized the Bottle Rockets could be attached to vehicles to create some mobile artillery.

A Reddit clip shows how destructive this can be by attaching the rockets to the wing and just unleashing fury.

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This tactic looks like it can be really powerful but it’s probably a lot harder to pull off than it seems.

The rockets will not be the easiest thing in the world to aim so don’t expect to drop multiple missiles on a person.

You can throw the new Bottle Rockts on any Vehicle!! from FortNiteBR

What will be handy is the ability to mow down structures more than usual by attaching these rockets to a plane.

This method will also be handy in solo playlists as you can hop out of the plane to the wing, set the rockets, then hop back into the driver seat and launch missiles.

Planes aren’t the only thing that will work in this situation.

The above video shows the Bottle Rockets on the Golf Cart, Quadcrasher, Shopping Cart and Plane.

It’ll be interesting to see if pro players are able to do anything with this strategy as then we’ll be able to see just how powerful it is.

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