Part 3 of the Fortnitemares Event Challenges went live the morning of October 28th, however the launch didn’t go as smooth as Epic planned. An unfortunate (for Epic) Bug allowed many players to complete their Battle Pass as a total of 35 Tiers (350 Battle Stars) were easily obtainable.

It seems Epic made a mistake and set the Reward to Battle Stars rather than XP. Players were able to land at Wailing Woods, Fatal Fields, and Haunted Hills to obtain hundreds of Battle Stars.

Roughly 5 hours after the chaos ensued Epic fixed the issue and made a statement on Reddit. The statement made it clear that Epic has no intention to punish players or revoke the rewards earned through the Bug as it was a mistake on their end.

This was our goof and you will keep everything you’ve already earned.

Fortnitemares Part 3 Challenge Fix from r/FortNiteBR

Redditor /u/ER4S0R took to /r/FortniteBR to showcase the mayhem which went down in the 3 named locations as players scrambled to quickly take advantage of the bug and secure their Battle Pass Tiers. Players are seen landing and instantly building to heights where they are able to die so that they can quickly enter a new game to land at the next location.

Wailing Woods, Fatal Fields and Hauted Hills right now! from r/FortNiteBR

What are your thoughts on this? While the players who were able to take advantage of this opportunity are ecstatic, many who missed out are upset that they will have to earn 35 Tiers the old fashioned way.

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