The Fortnitemares Finale in-game event has officially ended!

The event started with the cube rotating and hardening. Following the hardening, the cube exploded into many pieces and launched an in-game cut scene for every single player – transforming players into a white world with a butterfly like rift floating. Each player had the butterfly land on their hand, before them map transformed again with the lake being restored.

Here’s a video showcasing the moment the white-screen ended and the map was changed from Streamer Cizzorz:

With this change, the floating island is now gone, and so is Kevin! The map has returned to the Lake with some islands around that area filled with Greenary.

Here’s the full event clip, from TmarTn:

Fortnite just showed a cut scene for every single person, allowing each player to view the game changing event, with over 1 million+ watching on Twitch and YouTube.
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