Here at FortniteINTEL, we are super hyped for this upcoming Fortnitemares Finale event – which is rumoured to last 5 minutes long! 

We are extremely excited for the one-time event, which you can only witness today – Sunday, November 4 at 1pm ET / 6pm UTC. To make sure everyone can watch it in peace and without trouble, we’ve created a list of tips and spots to land in Fortnite Battle Royale to view the event.


Make sure to login to the game at least an hour before the event is scheduled to start! This will help you avoid heavy queue times and traffic with the server count!

Make sure you matchmake for a game at least 5-10 minutes before the event is scheduled to start in order to avoid heavy queue times and long matchmaking times. We don’t want you to miss this one-time event.

If weapons turn out to be enabled, then do not provoke or attack other players! It’s recommended to stay away from large crowds of players when spectating the event in order to reduce risk of griefing.

Make sure to collect materials and weapons to build viewing areas at the landing spots we’re about to suggest! If you have suggestions for landing spots to view the Cube’s demise, make sure to leave a comment below!

Landing Spots

Here are our most recommended landing spots for viewing the event, through the red circles.

Most of these landing spots are on high peaks with good distance from the Cube, but you could also build viewing areas anywhere around Leaky Lake by collecting materials quickly.

Got any tips or landing spots we missed? Let us know and we’ll update this accordingly! Enjoy the event today!

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