The fourth and final part of the Fortnitemares series of Challenges has been revealed.

While Part 4 of the Challenges is not yet live in-game at the time of writing, some players have revealed what to expect when they do go live.

Complete all 6 Challenges to earn the Dark Engine Glider Reward Item.

  • Destroy (10) Elite Cube Monsters – 500 XP
  • DamageĀ (2,500) Cube Fragments – 500 XP
  • Deal (1,000) damage to Cube Monsters in a single match – 500 XP
  • Visit (4) different Corrupted Areas in a single match – 500 XP
  • Destroy (3) Cube Fragments – 500 XP
  • Complete (14) Fortnitemares challenges – 500 XP

It appears that the Reward Items are getting better with each part of the Fortnitemares series of Challenges as Part 1 rewarded the Uncommon Fiery Emote, Part 2 rewarded the Uncommon Deadfire Spray, and Part 3 rewarded the Rare Virulent Flames Contrail. Now, Part 3 is rewarding the Epic Dark Engine Glider.

Dark Engine (Epic) – Fueled by darkness.

While all of the Part 4 Challenges may seem simple enough, you can find the required 4 Corrupted Areas on the map indicated by the large purple area where the Runes once were.

Elite Cube Monsters are indicated by the glowing body as opposed to normal Cube Monsters, Elite’s are typically more rare to find in a match but increase in spawn frequency as the match goes on.

The final Challenge for completing 14 Fortnitemares Challenges can be completed by simply completing Parts 1-3 of Fortnitemares.

Any upcoming Challenges or content in the Fortnitemares event is currently unknown. Epic is expected to drop an update for Fortnite within the next few days as indicated by a statement made on Reddit. Stay tuned for any upcoming information.

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