At first glance, this may not seem like such a big deal. But this actually is a sign of a big shift in the communities stance towards competitive Fortnite.

For people unfamiliar with the Reddit Fortnite communities, the main subreddit is /r/FortniteBR. With 1.1 million subscribers, that community is arguably the largest Fortnite forum in the world.

It got so big, that other communities sprouted off to offer more specialized Fortnite content. /r/FortniteCreative focused on new game modes, featured islands and submissions to The Block, /r/FORTnITE is the community dedicated to Fortnite: Save the World, and /r/FortNiteMobile is for sharing mobile bugs and clips.

Those are the three subreddits listed on the sidebar for /r/FortniteBR, but before last weekend there was a fourth. /r/FortniteCompetitive has been the home for updates on Fortnite esports, new strategies from the best players and, more recently, an endless amount of complaints about the BRUTE.

With Fortnite developers doubling down on the BRUTE’s inclusion in all Fortnite modes including competitive, complaints from the community have been pervasive. That included an organized boycott of Fortnite to play Apex Legends when the solo mode came out, a campaign that was largely pushed through by the /r/FortniteCompetitive community.

Whether as a result of that boycott or not, the competitive subreddit was removed from /r/ForniteBR’s list of developer-supported subreddits. While /r/FortniteCompetitive still claims to be supported by developers in its description, apparently something has changed in the minds of the main sub’s moderators.

r/FortniteCompetitive was removed from “Supported subreddits” on r/FortniteBR from r/FortniteCompetitive

Previously /r/FortniteBR’s mods have come under fire for locking posts about the mech in the main sub with some users alleging that the mods are paid by Epic Games, ostensibly to stifle discussion in some areas.

Those allegations came from an ex-moderator of /r/FortniteBR named SeriouslyLucifer who detailed the long running drama between the flagship subreddit and the one for the competitive community.

But it’s not just the competitive players who are upset, complaints about the BRUTE have been front and center on the main subreddit as well, despite many of the posts being locked and removed.

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