The best Fortnite meme of May has to be the “covered bridge” strategy from the book “Hacks for Fortniters.”

Yes that is a real title of a real book. In fact, the author of the book Jason R. Rich, also has books titled:

An Encyclopedia of Strategies for Fortniters

Killer Fortnite Strategies

An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategies for Fortniters (what separates that from the official encyclopedia the world may never know)

But the crown jewel of his work is absolutely the “Hacks for Fortniters” series.

That series contains smash hits like “Hacks for Fortniters: Mobile,” “Hacks for Fortniters: Surviving the Final Circle,” “Hacks for Fortniters: Secrets of the Island,” and “Hacks for Fortniters: Building Strategies.

I could just keep going on. This dude has released a ton of different Fortnite books, but they were discovered by the community when someone posted a picture of a section teaching people how to make a covered bridge.

What clown wrote these “guides” from r/FortNiteBR

See, apparently you need to make a bridge to cross small streams in Fortnite.

Since this was discovered, it has become a hilarious meme common on YouTube and Reddit Fortnite communities.

But now the meme has graduated. Someone actually used Jason’s tips to get a win in Fortnite.

Popular YouTuber Lazarbeam released a hilarious video where he learns from Jason and tries to become Ninja.

BRB, heading to creative to practice my covered bridge strats with a grey pistol.

These guides are really funny because its hard to find who they are aimed towards. My best guess is grandparents who know their grandchild plays Fortnite and wants to get them a gift?

They have to be lucrative otherwise he wouldn’t have wrote so many of them.

Truly an interesting world, filled with covered bridges and ramps to nowhere in particular.

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